Why use a coach?

W.E. Deming famously theorized that “profound” knowledge can only come from the outside. This is undeniably true. We simply don’t know what we don’t know. 

Coaching is less about providing “expert” knowledge. Coaching is about providing an outside perspective. Good coaches ask the right questions, and help you to discover profound insight you would struggle to find on your own.

Coaches are not for the weak; they’re for the wise. Learn more about the ways Scott partners with pastors and church leaders to provide coaching.

Leadership Coaching

Scott works one-on-one with pastors and church leaders so that they can gain momentum in their churches. When working with Scott, you can expect:


  • To gain a clearer understanding of your leadership competencies
  • To determine how your church or ministry is can increase alignment in its vision
  • To walk away from each session with clear action steps
  • To learn a four-step process for continual leadership improvement, even after coaching contract has ended
  • A variety of coaching tracks are available from 3 to 12 months in length

Church Planter Coaching

As a recovering church planter himself, Scott has a passion for helping church planters launch well. When working with Scott, you can expect:


  • A customizable three-phase approach starting with Strategic Conception, to Pre-Launch Planning, to Post-Launch Sustainability
  • A blended coaching/project management approach to not only advise but provide hands-on assistance
  • Access to the Ministry X-Matrix master tool for sustainably aligned ministry planning
  • Coaching tracks are customizable to your timeline and budget

Ready to get started?

Get in in touch with Scott to learn more about coaching or to receive a custom coaching track proposal.

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