Starting Points

My church is in decline and needs revitalization, or we are in a season of growth and need help planning next steps.

My church needs help recruiting, assessing, growing, and placing leaders at every level of leadership. We lack a structure and plan.

Our staff or leadership team needs a retreat that gets our ministries in alignment, leveraging teamwork through systems.

Strategic Planning

Most church consultants focus too heavily on strategy or on vision. While both are critical to charting the course for your church, both strategy and vision are useless without alignment.

Alignment helps your church understand the difference between a good idea and the right idea. Alignment helps you choose the right things to measure. Alignment empowers you to have an even clearer picture of the future as you develop a vision.

As a consultant on the Malphurs Group team, I use the Strategic Envisioning process to help churches to discover their best next steps. Whether your church is in decline and in need of revitalization or is an a growth season and you’re trying to determine if your church should expand facilities, plant churches, or launch campuses. The Strategic Envisioning process is specifically designed to help you create alignment between your Mission, Core Values, Discipleship Pathway, Core Strategies, and Vision.

Strategic Envisioning is a five-phase process:

  1. Prepare (Assessment and Team formation)
  2. Prioritize (Create alignment between Mission and Core Values)
  3. Process (Align Mission and Core Values with your Discipleship Pathway and six Core Strategies)
  4. Perceive (Alignment with Vision)
  5. Perform (Implementation and Action Planning)

To learn more about Strategic Envisioning, click here.

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Leadership Pipeline

Leadership Development is foundational to the long-term success of any church vision.

Most churches begin with the wrong question when it comes to implementing a vision and strategy: “how?”

The more important question is: “who?”

Even the best ministry plans exist only on paper without leadership to accomplish the goals. Therefore, the purpose of Pipeline Design is to focus first on the who of ministry, and then the how. More specifically, do we have the right people in the right positions with the right training? If we don’t, how do we begin to bridge the gaps?

The principles which guide our Leadership Pipeline framework are consistent in each church, but the implications are unique for each congregation. Our Pipeline Design consulting addresses both the Guiding Framework (general) and your church’s Context (specific).

Leadership Pipeline Design consulting is split into two phases:

– Two days of on-site consulting
– Day 1: Seminar-style training for all staff re: principles, terminology, and process of Leadership Development and Pipeline Design
– Day 2: Hands-on workshop with high-level leaders developing structures, competencies, training venues, and actionable timeline for implementation

– Remote coaching check-in’s at regular intervals (one month, three months, six months, and one year) to ensure proper Pipeline implementation

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Team Retreat

The ultimate goal for the Team Retreat is to help your church gain disciple-making momentum. Our assumption is that most churches are not short on “good ideas.” What is lacking is a clear pathway for how all (or any) of these ideas can actually help your church live out its Great Commission mission.

The Leadership Planning Retreat will help your team build momentum by creating alignment.

The retreat walks your team throught the Ministry X-Matrix master tool:

  • Leverage Core Values and a Discipleship Pathway to align ministry structure
  • Determine how the church’s leadership will measure gaining disciple-making momentum through Vision Indicators
  • Develop Primary Ministry Objectives designed to ensure you reach your goals
  • Create a reproducible system so that individual ministries can create their own plans that align with your Church’s Vision
  • Gain familiarity with implementation tools and systems so that you can sustain focus and alignment in years to come


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