The key to effective church leadership is diversity of strengths.

You need to know the kind of leader you are and the kind of leader you aren’t. Once you know what you bring to the table and what’s lacking, it becomes clear that you need to surround yourself with leaders who aren’t like you.

Most leadership development tools focus on telling you what kind of leader you are, but they fall short in telling you what kind of leaders you need to make your team more effective.

The Nine Leaders tools are designed to help you understand what specific kind of leadership you bring to your church: your Most Valuable Asset. However, it doesn’t stop there. This tool gives clear insight on the type of team you need around you to maximize your impact.

Nine Leaders Assessment & Included Mini-Coaching Session

By purchasing the individual assessment, you will also receive a 20-minute coaching session which will give you further insight into what you can do to maximize your impact.


Nine Leaders Coaching Plan
Priced per Plan

After taking the Nine Leaders Assessment, many leaders will want to learn more about how they can use their unique leadership strengths to maximize their impact in their role.  Additionally, senior leaders may want extra coaching on how to lead their team given the unique leadership makeup of their staff.

Three levels of coaching are available. Click here to see Nine Leaders Coaching Plans and Pricing.

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Nine Leaders Team Workshop
Tiered Pricing

The Nine Leaders Team Workshop is a three session event designed specifically around your team. As a part of the workshop, every team member will take the assessment, and I will work individually with your staff to help you understand the unique leadership assets of your team, how you can make small changes to maximize your impact, and help design an action plan for future leadership development. The workshop is a great alternative to expensive conferences and retreats for church staffs or ministry teams, and is full of personalized, actionable resources you can put to work right away.

Pricing is fixed based on team and church size. See the pricing chart here.

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